Ryan Macey

Born in Vermont and raised in North Carolina, Ryan started his golfing career at age 8. 

Competitive junior golf followed by an astounding college career at Limestone College, Professional Golf was next. 

Now a member of the PGA, a Class A member since 2012, reaching out and bringing golf to others is the game. At Macey Golf Academy, we will enhance every aspect of your game from the competitive golfer to the new swingers of the club. We want every golfer to enjoy the game and get better while doing so. 

Every golfer has a unique swing and technique which is their own.  I try to find each players master key and with that we can fix other aspects of the game.  I believe all golfers are visual learners as well as kinesthetic.  So let's find your master key to make your game the best it can be.

Bradenton Country Club

Currently the Director of Instruction and Golf Professional at Bradenton Country Club - where golf is at it's finest. A beautiful Donald Ross classic, recently restorvated by the Hall of Fame Golfer Tony Jacklin CBE, has all of the essentials for country club life and world class golf instruction.


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